Celebrating Nevada County Teens: The 2012 Youth Awards

The Youth Awards are always a bit of an amazing feat. It is always interesting getting 50 plus young people and their parents to coincide their busy schedules to come together for an evening of reflection, praise and celebration. But, once the first family steps through the doors all the deliberation, planning,  creating option C,D, and sometimes E is

From left: Manny, Lynn, & Adrian

wiped away and all that matters is this moment in time. This year on the evening of May 23rd, 2012, 68 young people were recognized for their volunteer time as a community member involved in one or more of the youth advocacy programs. A staggering 115 family, friends and community partners attended. Our slide show captured little bits of events, meetings, poster making, games and fun that were had during the year.  The evening was filled with highlighted events such as the debut of the digital projects. Each project was unique in telling a story about the young person that created it. Some were passions, promises, challenges, or reflections, but all held a glimpse of hope for better, stronger, healthier futures.  When the young people would receive their awards of participation in their acclaimed groups, you could see the pride that they all held in knowing that they were part of something bigger than themselves. Some, where even able to articulate that in the spontaneous speeches that they gave to the audience, sharing their experiences and what they had learned or gained from being mentors, advocates, or allies.  Thank you to all the youth that choose to be involved in our programs, you keep us inspired and motivated.