The HangOut

High School ‘Hangout’

High  School ‘Hangout’ is a safe place made available to students from Nevada  Union High School each school day from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm.  Grace Lutheran Church’s own St. Paul’s Hall has been supplied with billiards tables, ping pong, and other after-school games/activities, as well as quiet areas for completing homework and chatting with friends. There are age-appropriate brochures on display for students to peruse of their own choice, but they aren’t expected to do anything other than follow the rules, treat others with respect and enjoy their surroundings.

In return, the Hangout, at no charge, provides them with warmth, love, admiration, and protection from the elements, free refreshments, and most importantly, a safe after-school venue where they can study, socialize and/or enjoy many forms of entertainment.

Grace Lutheran Church: 1979 Ridge Road, Grass Valley (right next to Nevada Union High School)

For more information contact Pat or Gary Novak at 530.273.0932