Study debunks myth: Supervised underage drinking is not safer

Parents are sometimes tempted to allow underage drinking in their homes under the false notion that it is safer under supervision. Young people can die from alcohol poisoning at a home as easily as they can on a beach or river bar. It’s important to remember alcohol kills more young people than all illegal drugs combined.

A recent study conducted by Barbara J. McMorris, lead author and a senior research associate at the School of Nursing at the University of Minnesota, shows that teens who drink with adult supervision are more likely to have problems with alcohol than kids who aren’t allowed to drink until age 21.

The study found that it didn’t matter in which country parents and youth lived, the idea of teaching teens responsible drinking behavior was not working.” The study makes it clear that you shouldn’t be drinking with your kids,” says McMorris.Parents Talk They Hear You

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April is Alcohol Awareness Month. To learn more about keeping our young people safe and healthy, check out our website or Click HERE to visit our Underage Drinking page.

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