NEO Shares Vision for Local Teen Center

From the desk of Lynn Skrukrud, NEO  Co-Founder and Youth Outreach Coordinator

After celebrating their 5th summer of Thursday Night Markets, NEO has announced plans to open a teen center by October of 2013!

For the last several years NEO has hosted 70 events per year in approximately 25 different locations, drawing thousands of youth to participate in safe, drug-free activities. We’ve learned that young people appreciate these, and thrive with opportunities to feel safe and accepted. It’s time for NEO to build on our success and find a permanent home for events, so that instead of supporting young people just one day a week we can be working with them everyday, helping to build self-esteem and empower them to make healthy choices while providing healthy alternatives and a safe space.

Plans for the teen center include an after school program, weekend events, meeting space, workshops, field trips, job training and more. In a recent survey hosted by NEO at the Nevada County Fair, youth identified drug and alcohol issues and lack of things for young people to do as the top two things they would change about Nevada County. In the same survey, youth identified having a safe supportive environment and just having a place to hang out as the most important things for a teen center to offer.

We believe that it takes a village to raise a child and we know that opening a teen center in 11 months time is going to take the support of the entire community. This is why we are asking for your help now. This exciting opportunity is one that we can all share as we will all be able to further invest in the lives of youth.

Please use the link below to take a quick survey and tell us:

1.) How you or your organization could benefit from a teen center and

2.) How could you contribute to the teen center. Ideas could include: leading workshops, donating items or money, using the space for meetings, a place to hang up flyers or place brochures, or whatever you can think of! We are open to any suggestions and ideas.

 CLICK HERE to access Survey.