NEO – New Events & Opportunities

NEO is a non-profit organization focused on empowering youth to make healthy lifestyle choices. Our Youth Center is a drop-in, out-of-school time facility offering an array of activities, workshops, and events.  NEO strives to create a safe, fun, and positive environment for all youth and young adults between the ages of 11-25 years old. We aim to transform lives by connecting members with the experiences, resources, and supports they need to succeed.

One of the things that makes the NEO different from many other youth centers is the long-time focus on being a youth-led organization. NEO was founded by teens and young people continue to drive the program today. There are several youth leadership teams and we primarily rely on teen and young adult employees and volunteers.


About the Youth Center

The NEO Youth Center is a free drop-in center for youth ages 11-25.  The center offers a variety of activities including a pool table, ping pong, foosball, crafts, video games, board games, sports, musical instruments, homework area, wifi and more.  In addition, NEO offers free workshops such as yoga, video game design, stop motion animation, etc.  On the weekends NEO provides occasional events such as dances and concerts, often these events are open to college-aged youth as well.

Youth Center Hours