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Parent Committed


The Parent Committed campaign is about providing support to parents and families with teenagers. This campaign urges parents to renew their commitment as a parent and support their child through their journey into adulthood—when they are discovering and defining who they are. The greatest influence on a young person’s decision to drink alcohol is the world they live in. The number one protective factor against youth alcohol abuse is a strong parent-child relationship—a Parent Committed.

It is time to stop accepting teen drinking as a rite of passage and to understand the threat it poses to healthy development. Parents play a vital role in replacing pro-alcohol messages with clear messages urging young people not to drink!

Parent Committed Toolkit

Athlete Committed


The Athlete Committed campaign is about providing support to athletes, coaches and parents. This campaign urges athletes to renew their commitment to excellence! This is a commitment of personal responsibility, shared expectations and collective responsibility – To never lose their focus and never compromise on their values. The biggest reason athletes do not reach their full potential is because they give up what they want most for what they want at the moment.

Athlete Committed Toolkit

Diet and Nutrition for Athletes

Life of an Athlete
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Female Meal Plan #1

Male Meal Plan #1

Female Meal Plan #2

Male Meal Plan #2

Sleep Manual