Local Middle School presentation highlights the positive choices youth are making

Corporal Brandon Corchero and Deputy Micah Arbaugh discuss consequences of underage drinking

Coalition partners, the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department and The Outreach Team are continuing collaboration with a series of interactive school presentations about underage drinking consequences, reasons to choose a drug and alcohol free lifestyle and highlighting the positive choices youth are making today. With the help of ABC funding, the Sheriff’s Department is focusing on education, prevention and compliance enforcement to reduce youth access to alcohol and underage drinking. The funding also allows them a unique opportunity to collaborate with the Coalition in outreach and education presentations for local students.

The students of Grizzly Hill School on the North San Juan Ridge received a morning surprise after breakfast from guest speakers and a musical performance. The morning’s presentation began with local youth singer/songwriter, Sierra Skye who performed acoustic and vocals for the students. Sierra introduced Nevada County Sheriff’s, Corporal Brandon Corchero and Deputy Micah Arbaugh who presented information about the value of making healthy choices to choose not to use alcohol.

Musician, Sierra Skye, captivates the young audience with her soulful vocals and acoustics

After the informative presentation by NCSO, Outreach Team members Shasta Spencer and Melissa Kelley, highlighted the positive choices youth are making including current California Healthy Kids Survey data showing that 90% of Nevada County middle school students did not use alcohol over the 30 day period prior to the self-reporting survey. The Outreach Team, currently recruiting new Team members to participate in activities hosted at local middle schools focused on positive messages for our community, engaged the Grizzly Hill students with an interactive balloon activity as well as education on the great choices Nevada County youth are committed to making.

NSJ Family Resource Center (FRC) advocate, Diana Pasquini promoted the vast array of services provided at the FRC and introduced special guest, Kuk Sool Won martial artist, Tony Reyna, for an interactive demonstration with the students. Mr. Reyna, who will be volunteering classes for local residents at the North San Juan Community Center, has been training in the Korean martial art, Kuk Sool Won for more than 30 years and “firmly believes that the etiquette, patience, self-discipline, and perseverance that are developed through martial arts training will help all Kuk Sool students in their daily lives. The positive environment of Gold Country Kuk Sool Won affects every student that trains there”. Reyna shared his personal life experience while promoting the massage that making positive choices can open doors to successful futures.

Musical guest, Sierra Skye, closed the presentation with a song she wrote, “Safety”, which spoke to her personal life experience. Outreach Team logo

The Coalition for a Drug Free Nevada County brings together the collective expertise of the community, families and youth to support a community-wide prevention movement to reduce substance use among Nevada County’s youth. The public is welcome to attend the bi-monthly community forum meetings. MEETING SCHEDULE

The Coalition would like to thank all who made this presentation possible including:

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