Athlete Committed

The ATHLETE COMMITTED campaign is about providing support to athletes, coaches and parents. This campaign urges athletes to renew their commitment to excellence! This is a commitment of personal responsibilty, shared expectations and collective responsibility – To never lose their focus and never compromise on their values.


The link between alcohol and sports is significant. 60% of US high school athletes report using alcohol.


FACTS: Binge drinking, the most common form of underage drinking can cause an athlete to lose up to 14 days of training effect. A typical high school season is 10-12 weeks. Two weeks of lost trianing is 20% of the season.

Alcohol impairs performance, slows down reflexes, reduces skills, accuracy, and endurance for up to 12 hours after consumption. For instance how fast you swing a bat, how quick you are off the line, and your speed off the block.

Athletes that drink are twice as likely to become injured as non-drinkers. The injury rates for drinkers = 54.8%. The injury rates for non-drinkers = 23.8%.


FACTS: Adults who report first use of alcohol before age 15 are five times more likely to also report abuse or dependence on alcohol. This is four times more than those who do not drink before age 21.

Alcohol consumption can have a devastating effect on a growing brain – The brain continues to develop into the mid 20s. Alcohol effects the part of the brain that is still maturing, affecting reasoning, decision making and judgment.



On the field or off the field… is a personal choice and a team choice – choose personal responsibility, shared expectations and collective responsibility. Where are we going? How will we get there? What do we agree to? Athletes must share expectations within teams and across teams about what is appropriate behavior. Shared team goals – Shared expectations – Shared responsibility. What have you agreed to?

If you choose to become an athlete, you should live the life of an athlete. Wake up every day with a purpose of working toward your goal. Train your mind, your body and your spirit, so that when your finest day comes, you can know that you have done all that is possible to prepare and be at you BEST.

How important is your athletic career? Are you focused? Are you doing anything that prevents you from your goals?

Surround yourself with positive people, places and things. Refuse to associate with any person, place or thing that keeps you from your goals. There is more of a chance you will drink or smoke because you are hanging out with people who are drinking and smoking.

Parents who frequently eat with their children are much more involved in their kids’ lives.

Parents who frequently have family dinners are more likely to say they know the parents of their teen’s closest friends, know the names of their teen’s teachers, and believe they have a good relationship with their teen.

Bottom line: make it your choice

Do not let other people choose if or when you will drink alcohol. Make that choice for yourself. Choose a life of excellence and a life of peak performance – don’t let alcohol keep you from reaching your full potential. Your team is behind you, your school is behind you, your community is behind you! If athletes and teams do not unite to eliminate underage drinking, the result may be lost dreams, lost futures, lost hope and lost lives. The success of your entire athletic career will depend on it…..What have you agreed to?



We respect people and programs for more than the fact that they win games, rather that they do everything in a way that has class and respect – that sets them apart from others. We admire EXCELLENCE! Your character is reflected most by whom you choose to be with. Choosing not to drink isn’t enough. Choose not to drink AND choose not to be in the presence of anyone who is drinking.

Make those who came before you and those who will come in the future proud of your team. The way you conduct yourself prior to, during and following a game unquestionably impacts everyone involved.

Organize post-game events for your team that do not inlcude alcohol. It should be easy for athletes to find parties where NO alcohol, tobacco or other drugs are available.

In team meetings discuss the team formula for success and what that looks like on and off the field. Check in with your teammates about parties. Support each other and hold each other accountable.

Be a good role model for younger athletes – they watch you and wait for the day to wear your jersey. Teach them how to be an Athlete Committed and a champion.

Share your athletic goals with your family and friends. Get them involved in your commitment to be an athlete who leads with passion, dedication and determination. They can help you reach your goals.

Raise the bar – Create your own Personal Best! “Great things only happen to people who expect great things to happen to them” – Bill Bowerman

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