April is Alcohol Awareness Month: Join Us

There are many things that contribute to underage drinking and problems with alcohol in our community;  community norms such as social acceptance of heavy drinking; access and availability; (alcohol in family homes that’s easy for youth to get); media messages that often glamorize excessive drinking especially among young people to name a few.

To really be effective in reducing underage drinking and preventing alcohol problems, our community must take shared responsibility for creating conditions that support positive choices about alcohol. EVERYONE can help and here are just a few ways to get started:

  • Limit access and monitor alcohol when young people are in your home
  • Parents set clear rules and talk to your kids about alcohol
  • Hold adults accountable for providing alcohol to underage youth
  • Limit Alcohol sales and advertising at community events
  • Merchants Practice Responsible Beverage Service – Don’t sell to minors!

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Community Voices Speak Up

A letter by Shasta Spencer, Youth Prevention Intern

image006In honor of Alcohol Awareness Month I’ve decided to write a letter about how pictures on social media of teens using alcohol and other drugs can put them at risk of getting jobs.
On a day to day basis, I am apart of almost every social media website. The pictures that are posted, and the comments that are made by teens are astonishing.
In my small town of Grass Valley, every day I see teens posting pictures of them using alcohol or other drugs.
Think before you post.
Anything that you post or write on the internet, stays there forever. No matter how many times you delete, or edit it. It’s as if your submitting an essay for a final draft, there is no turning back… READ MORE

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BLOG: Study debunks myth: Supervised underage drinking is not safer
The false notion that it is safer to drink alcohol under supervision has tempted parents to allow underage drinking in their homes. Studies show that teens who drink with adult supervision are more likely to have problems with alcohol than kids who aren’t allowed to drink until age 21… READ MORE

BLOG: Adolescent alcohol use and brain development
Early detection and treatment is essential to heading off the development of substance addiction in adolescents. Given their brain development, teenagers cannot be expected to understand the full range of consequences in their choices regarding drugs and alcohol… READ MORE

BLOG: Parents Talk. They hear you.
With summer approaching we can expect to see more alcohol advertisements on TV.  Studies show that exposure to enticing alcohol advertisements can influence young adolescent perceptions about acceptable drinking behavior and underage drinking in general… READ MORE

BLOG: Adolescent alcohol use: Risky behavior and addiction
The more alcohol consumed, the more likely youth are to engage in risky behaviors. Alcohol use among adolescents and college students is also associated with a broad array of risk behaviors, including tobacco use, drinking and driving, and experiencing adverse secondhand effects of drinking, including victimization  and personal intrusion by those who have been drinking… READ MORE

BLOG: Tips for teens and parents too
As a young person you are faced with many challenges.  However, very few have the potential to affect your life in a more significant way than the decisions you make about alcohol and drugs.  The decisions you make about alcohol and drugs will influence your health, your grades, your relationships, your job or career, or your freedom.  Not to be too dramatic. . . but these are life and death decisions… READ MORE

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April is Alcohol Awareness Month.
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