Alcohol Retail Signage Campaign raises awareness of consequences for purchasing, providing alcohol to underage minors and prevent underage drinking

In March of 2013, the Coalition for a Drug Free Nevada County’s Alcohol Prevention Committee began a collaborative effort with local alcohol retailers and law enforcement to promote awareness and mitigate instances where youth are accessing alcohol with a signage campaign. The realization for this effort came as a result of Coalition participation in ABC and law enforcement operations (Minor Decoys, Shoulder Taps, etc) where it seemed that, while citizens were aware that it was illegal to buy, sell, or provide alcohol to persons under 21, there were no admonishments in alcohol retail establishments that this is a serious offense. Alcohol retail locations throughout the state of California were assessed through Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community surveys and visited by Coalition team members with the optional sign display warning patrons against “buying, selling, or providing alcohol to anyone under the age of 21…” For Healthy Stores data on Nevada County, click HERE.

With the incredible partnerships, willingness of retailers to participate, and support of the community, our Coalition has paved the way for the Truckee FWDD and Coalition for Placer Youth to replicate our template with great success in neighboring communities.

Existing projects between the ABC, local law enforcement, and the Coalition include assemblies addressing the risks and consequences of underage alcohol use and promoting positive messages about healthy choices.

The goal of our local campaign is to have the signage in all establishments throughout Placer County where alcohol is sold.

For additional information, visit

or call (530) 273-7956.

FINAL Providing to Minors Sign