A message from Shasta Spencer, Youth Outreach Coordinator

TOT 2014

This year I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Coalition for a Drug Free Nevada County to create The Outreach Team. Our team consists of amazing young college age adults and high school seniors who are positive role models with a passion for encouraging middle and high school students to make healthy choices. Our team has a schedule each month visiting six middle schools in Nevada County where we combine prevention education and activities in a fun and interactive way. Much of what we present is focused on highlighting that most teens are NOT using drugs and alcohol… dispelling common misperceptions that “everyone’s doing it”. We also share easy real life ways kids can respond to any situation where they are faced with the decision to use alcohol or any other drugs.
It is an amazing thing to experience so many students interested in improving their lives. Each visit the team gets around 50 students who participate and respond to the activities. Not only do they participate, but they do it open-mindedly and with a gigantic smile on their face. The students of Nevada County are absolutely amazing. And along with the students, the staff of each school middle school has been nothing but supportive of our activities. If it weren’t for the staff we wouldn’t be having these activities at lunch. With that being said the Outreach Team would like to give a big shout out to David Figuly; principle of Seven Hills, Teena Corker; principle of Pleasant Valley, Scott Mertz; counselor of Union Hill, Scott Lay; principle of Clear Creek, Chris Roberts; principle of Lyman Gilmore, and Thomas Bivens; principle of Ready Springs for being so supportive with what the team is doing.
The first couple of months of outreach have been a huge success, and we are excited to have the opportunity to continue visiting middle schools this next semester.
If you know anyone who might be interested in joining The Outreach Team please contact me, Shasta Spencer at: Outreach@CoRR.us, or call: 530-273-7956.

Promoting the Positive: Our posters have been displayed at middle schools throughout Western Nevada County


Outreach Locations:

  • Union Hill
  • Lyman Gilmore
  • Ready Springs
  • Pleasant Valley
  • Seven Hills
  • Clear Creek


Outreach StaffInterested in joining the Team?

Are you an energetic, outgoing, and self-motivated young adult who enjoys being a positive role-model for middle school and high school students?

We are looking for Outreach Team Members interested in empowering youth to create a positive culture among their peers and to make healthy choices. Outreach will combine education that dispels myths and misperceptions around alcohol and other drug use with fun activities and healthy alternatives for youth in the community.
School site visits will be a time to build relationships with youth and inspire them to make a difference!


  • Must be available for at least 3 – 4 school site visits per month
  • Must be able to attend monthly Outreach Team meetings
  • Must have a car to drive to school locations (mileage reimbursed)
  • Must have a passion or desire to work with youth/students
  • Must be a positive role model, self-motivated, energetic, and possess positive communication skills

Download application HERE

Please contact Shasta Spencer, Youth Outreach Coordinator to schedule an interview. (530) 718 – 0332